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I built a dynamic filter on a dashboard so users can select multiple criteria. On the department filter, the end-user can only select the bottom level of the hierarchy and not a parent. This is because the filter is dimensioned by the lowest level of the department hierarchy. What's the solution to get around this limitation where I can keep the filter as a dynamic dropdown.

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  • jasonblinn
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    @michael.chefer Unfortunately, I dont think what are you are looking for is an option. There might be a couple of different ways to do something similar.

    1. Use a series of Dependent drop-downs that allow you to select a higher level of the hierarchy. You wouldn't have to select all levels, but could make the filter apply to anything underneath the selection.

    2. You could use boolean filters to have the end user checkboxes vs using the drop-down. Here I have a module dimensionalized by My Lowest level (L3) but have subsidiary views on 2 other lines for the L1 and L2 of my hierarchy. I use a final line where I bring it all together:

    Not sure if either of these will work for your situation, but it is the best I can think of as a work around.