Get Request from API returns 'success' but doesn't include the desired list of chunks data?


Trying to follow the method described here:

And I'm finding I don't get the list of chunks for our file. This has worked using basic authentication in API version 1.3, but we're trying to upgrade our process to Cert Authentication in 2.0. Is there any reason the list of chunks wouldn't be included here?


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  • pyrypeura
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    Hi, Have you triggered the export action before calling this endpoint? That would be most natural cause for no chunks to be available that there is no existing export file.


  • rcb

    Thank you!

    My starting point in all of this was some python code that was designed for use with 1.3 — I see now I'm missing some important pieces of the process.

    Really appreciate you taking a moment, this is going to get me headed down the right path. After performing all the steps in order (including triggering the export action), I got that list of chunks.