Snapshot Challenge with #list

edited April 17 in Modeling

My scenario today,

Integration runs everyday and clear the below numbered list with data. Since the build has been done without the code i'm struggling to create the code with unique combination.

My objective is : I want to copy the current data before the delete process will execute. and compare it against the data that will be newly loaded. IS there any best way you can suggest me? My ideology will be :

1. Create a "Snapshot Code" property in the Master CC list as it will act like a code for comparison.

2. Create a new list called " Masters CC Snapshot" and same properties

3. Import the data with code from Master CC list to Masters CC Snapshot. (Here I'm unable to form a unique code)

4. Write a logic : Mistmatch ? = Master CC.CC <> Master CC Snapshot.CC[lookup:Snapshot code]

5. Delete the snapshot list data if there will be no mimatch boolean checked.

Any ways you can suggest me which you have faced based on your experience?