Model is Busy (Running exports while people are trying to use the model)


Hello, wondering if it's possible to somehow use a model when someone else is running a heavy export action.

We currently have exports scheduled at night but sometimes we need to run them during the day. However, when this happens anyone using that said model is locked out basically because the model is busy.

The exports are running through the anaplan API, and the big ones take an hour or so.

Is there anything we can do so users can still use the anaplan model or SOL?

Best Answer

  • KirillKuznetsov


    The main goal is to separate the processes. The best practice is to use a separate workspace.

    You can create a small reporting model on a separate WS and pull data of the report there. Then this new model can be used for any big exports.

    Or store it in Data Hub (but it is also suggested by Anaplan to be on a separate WS).