Months as Line Items



I need to design a UX view for our finance team that shows the entire year Jan-Dec, with past months showing actuals and future months showing forecast.

I already have sales actuals and sales forecasts sitting in modules that I can reference, but to get the other pieces required I need to bring in and store the starting SOH for past months. I can then use this to calaculate both Closing SOH and purchases. See attached file for example calculations.

I have a module DAT02: Stock on Hand that is updated daily with that day's starting SOH, it also stores the 1st day of the month starting SOH though a saved view import action. This is only relevant for the current month as it gets updated at the start of every new month. This module does not have a time dimension.

Help Needed

I am unsure on how to store the starting SOH for each month. I could create line items in the existing module for each month of the year and then replicate the saved view import action. I think this would work, but it would require ongoing maintenance when we roll over into a new year.

I am wondering if there is a better way to do this?


  • I don't understand why you couldn't use Anaplan time scale. You can add another module with Months dimension and link data from DAT02.

    Let me know if I am missing something