How to delete "filter" drop down selections - case: driver -> filter/driver -> filter

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I have three drop downs: Division (driver), Area (filter/driver), Type (filter).

At first Division is supposed to be selected. Area drop down list members are defined according to Division selection. And Type drop down list members are filtered according to Area selection.


1) If I change Division → Area and Type drop down selections should be cleared/deleted

or if I delete Division selection → Area and Type drop down selections should also be cleared/deleted on this case.

2) If I want to keep Division but changing only Area → Type selection should be automatically emptied/deleted

But how this magic happens? 😊

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  • sobaid
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    May be whenever you are changing the dropdown option you need to run a Clear/Reset action button that clears out the remaining selections as well.
    Step1 Create 3 Line items Clear Division, Clear Area, Clear Type and format them as No Data and create 3 saved views with individual line items and map it to respective Line items e.g:- Clear Division maps to Division
    Step2: So now you have 3 actions created, now create a process and put them in a process in the correct order of dropdown selection
    Step 3: Place this action in your NUX DB, with instructions to the user suggesting whenever the wish to change selections, they must run clear selections,
    Additional Step is to Highlight Red with Conditional Format for improper selections made, this logic you can create else you can reach out if needed help

  • sobaid
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    place the actions in one place as process, so when you run it erases all the selections and they have to start selections from scratch, or place them as individual clear actions for individual selections if you want them to erase at an individual level


  • @Miia Unfortunately Yes, It happens like when you have depended dropdown and if you're not clearing out the other dependents will be there but when you open dependents dropdown it'll show you no results in case nothing selected in the depended in case of changing it will be showing the corresponding depended items.

  • SriNitya

    Unless the selectors are cleared by user they remain selected so workaround for this to create Clear action for each selector and ask the user to run them before he makes new selection.
    Individually create the clear actions as mentioned by Sobaid and put then in process and provide instructions to user to run them once they land on that UX page.