Anaplan Connect cannot connect to database



We recently set up a new database to export data from Anaplan to Azure. The database is a SQL database on Azure VM. I am trying to set up connection. Export out of Anaplan is always successfull, but keeps failing when connecting to the database.

Jdbc connection string:

Anaplan connect is also running on a VM. Connection to the SQL server was tested successfully with PowerShell: Test-NetConnection ServerName -port 1433

I have a database for another project where I have connection. So I tried to load the data there as a test and it was completed without errors. I only changed the ModelID and workspaceID so I assume that my scripts are correct. The only difference between both databases are that the one that is working is a SQL database and the one that is not working is a SQL database on Azure VM.

Any ideas where things can you wrong?

Thanks in advance!