Need Help with Exporting parent list item in different tabs


Hello Everyone,

I Would like to know is there any way to get an export in such a way.

Like, let's say we had a module with hierarchy list.

I want the parent items in Different tabs of an export and all the child items associated with that parent should reside in respective parent item tab.

For Eg, we had R1 Request ID, R2 Serial No (With R1 Request ID as parent)

So, the end goal we are looking for is the XLS file with Request ID tabs and Each Request ID tab Contain all the Serial No details Associated with that Request ID present in tab.

For this Scenario we done one workaround like we create a fake list of R1 Request ID and we keep R2 in one module.

We Create filter line item where we had defined relation between Fake R1 and R2.

But when we took the export, the Filter is not working properly while Exporting (It's taking current context selector filter into consideration and applying same filter for other tabs as well while exporting)

Can anyone please help.


  • sobaid

    Do you mind sharing image of how you want the export to look like, that would be really helpful

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. I just want like attached image where each "Request" will be on Separate tab and associated "Sno"(Child) as rows in an Export.