How to add a line item as a page selector


I have a list of brands which are owned brands and private label brands, for now they are in a single list. But now on my ux page I want to make a filter as only Owned brands and Private label brands. Like if I only want to see owned brands or only private label brands.
I have created a list shown as below,

I also linked this to a module and added as a field card on my ux page, but somehow when I select it, the data won't appear the way it should. I am not sure what am i missing.


  • Hi @atithipawar25

    You can create the below filtration on the page and you can only see the Owned or the Private Label Members based on the selection.

    1. You can create three line items in a User Module that is dimensioned by Users. Below is the screenshot of the same.

    2. 1st line item(Filter - Brand L2) is basically the filter which you will apply on the NUX Grid to filter the data on the grid based on the selection made from the dropdown.

    3. 2nd line item(Brand L1 Selection) is the line item which you will publish on the page for the user selection. If I select Owned from this dropdown, I will see all the Owned Members brand on the NUX Grid or I select Private Label from this dropdown, I will see all the Private Label brand on the NUX Grid.

    4. 3rd line item(Brand L2) is basically having the values of Brand L2 List which is used for nothing but comparison in the filtration line item.

    Let me know if you face any challenges now.

  • @PulkitChawla Thank you for answering my query, but as for in my list of modules, I have the hierarchy as shown below, in which the OB/PL is what I have created, in which the brands are differentiated in Owned and Private Label brands. So for me to be able to create user filter and the above line items, do I need to change the hierarchy?

    This is my General List:


    L1 Brand - has all the main brand names

    L2 sub brand - has there sub category brands with distinct code

    L3 category - has each brands products categories as fragrance, cosmetics, nails etc.

    L4 sub category - has more types into it for each category

    Below is the module list:

    Looking at this can you guide me through if I need to change the hierarchy or how should I move forward?

    Thank you.

  • @atithipawar25 - I am wondering what was the need for creating a separate list OB/PL which is not having any link with these hierarchical list? Aren't we getting the Owned/Private Label in L1 Brand or L2 Sub Brand level?

    I believe they should be part of the hierarchical list and there would be no requirement of building any separate list.

    Let me know in case of any concerns.

  • Got it, thank you I was able to figure it out, there was some functional limitation to my list.