Level 3 TAR03 Country Account Calculation- is my Factor logic and values correct? Please help


I've been stuck on this part for some time now. I have followed the instructions carefully and when I calculate the Factor line item in TAR03 I am getting negative values.

I did a SUM by Country on the Target line item in TAR03.

Are these negative values correct or is something wrong in my TAR02 line items?

I'm also not sure what the check line item is for.


  • SriNitya

    Formula is factor is wrong.
    From TR02 Module fetch data into Targets, To Change, Held or Revised by using sum with country, then update the formula in Factor.
    Check line item is Final Target Sales

  • kbrahmamdam
    edited April 22

    Hi @SriNitya thanks for the help. I made the changes you said and I have different numbers now. I will post a screenshot can you tell me if these look correct?

    Now do I take this Factor line item from TAR03 and multiply it by the Final Sales Target line item in TAR02?

    It should be 0.936 for Italy but I am getting 0.8.

  • SriNitya

    AKPlans123 Hi
    Check your logics in To Change, Held or Revised data seems to incorrect so you are getting 0.8.

  • @ Tower Defense I'm not really sure about this calculation!