NUX Filter


Hi Anaplan Folks,

I have one question regarding NUX..
I have 2 Dimensioned Module (Employee and Time) Where employee in rows and time in column in NUX..
There is another module with same dimension which is used for creating filter
Now I have to filter employee wrt time based on Boolean line item
When I am trying to add filter to rows its asking to select a time..
When tying to add filter to column its asking to select a employee..
Can you please explain how this can be resolved..
Thanks in advance.



  • PujithaB

    Hi @JEEVAK
    Since filter lineitem has both employee and time dimension, Filter can be applied only when both the employees and time is either in rows or columns.
    Try to change the line item to have only employee dimension and update the logic accordingly. Then you can applly this filter
    Let me know if this works out or you are trying to achieve something else.


    Hi @PujithaB

    Thanks for the reply.
    I need this filter to be applied for the chart
    It works in case for single month or current period..
    But I need to include past data also..
    There may be some employee where past month data is released and current month is not…
    Chart should show past month data and not current month

  • PujithaB

    ok, I understand it since you have selected only one month when applying to employees but
    What is the filter condition ? I mean what data you are trying to filter out