TIMESUM from a Module with time dimension to a Module with a fakeweek dimension.


Good afternoon,

I am trying to map the data in day format to a fake week dimension using a timesum. I have a start and end period in DATE format but the formula only gives me a result when this two are the same.

This is the formula:

This is the source module:

With the data imported to day.

And this is where I map each week flat to a start and end date, in DATE format:


  • Hi @alejandrohernandez5

    I will just try to brief my answer here, If your Day is a custom list, then you have to find a mapping to those 'Custom days' List'. For eg; Day 1 = 1/1/2024. Once mapping is done, you can find out which week that 'custom list's' day belongs to.

    Then you can create a Staging MODULE with each weeks and bring the SUM using the mapping above for the line item 'FACT' in your example.

    Let me know if you need anything else here.

    Puneeth HP

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