Running week of sales anaplan


Hi Team,

I am trying to get Running week of sales in Anaplan. Below is the scenario. I have 1500 quantity in current week .. i have a forecast of 500, 500, 1000 for next 3 weeks. want to see value of 2.5wks in running week of sales i.e.based on forecasted numbers .

Can any one help on it


  • @Anilkr

    Try the TIMESUM function. It works with future periods too.

  • PujithaB

    Hi @Anilkr
    As KirillKuznetsov mentioned time sum would work here . You have to define the start and end period to sum-up the values of a particular week.


  • Anilkr

    Thank you for the comments.. but i really dont know the end weeks.. because the amount 1500 may suffice for next 3 weeks or next 5 weeks.. . in this case how i can get the running week of sales.