Tracking import date



I'm having a little difficulty with something in Anaplan. I want to set up a system (module) where every time the end user try to import a new file in a page, we can note down the date it happened. We have different files, and I'd like to keep track of the last date data was brought in for each file separately.

i want to know only the date

Can we make this work in Anaplan?



  • Dikshant

    you need to have an todays date variable setup in Anaplan via automation. Set it up using cloud works or any third party integration tool if you're already using one.

    Then based on it, create a new variable called, lastFileLoad Date and import the todays date into this lastFileLoad line item whenever user upload a file. You your process will have 2 action, 1st action to load the file via CSV and 2nd action to import todays date into lastFileLoad Date line item.

    Let me know if you've questions regarding the same. I can draw it out and explain the approach better.


    @Dikshant thank you for your answer but i didnt quite understand how to do it honestly.

    i dont have a third party and i'm only planned to do it using import in modules using lines items.

    do you know any approach to do it via this way?

    A drawing would be helpful thank you 😃

  • Dikshant

    Sure, I will draw it out and explain, but one challenge is that since you do not have any integration tool (Cloud works), or third party) you would not be able to store todays date in Anaplan via automation.

    Correct me if there is any sort of automations you're using then that would be better but an alternative solution could be you need to give an extra columns to the user (Submitted Date) and user have to fill in that column manually, so that you can track the date user uploaded the data.

    If there was an automation you are using we can automate this step and user don't have to enter the date manually and we can figure it by creating one extra action.

    Let me know your thoughts on the same.