Mapping Issue for CC mapping to Driver List

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Hi All,

I'm having issue mapping Cost centre and a Driver List.

Conditions on the Mapping are :-

  • Driver List items to be mapped to all the Cost Centre
  • Some Driver List item to be mapped to some of the Cost Centre

  • What would be the best practice to do the mapping? How can the mapping be done.

Below is the screenshot for mapping

Thanks a lot.

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  • rob_marshall
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    Yes, on the matrix concept. As for the list formatted line items, you can use those or not, I have seen it both ways and it just depends on how this will be used. As for the import, I would think it is setting it up one time and then as new cost centers are created, the "owner" of this matrix or the model admin (or process admin), checks the boolean for that cost center/driver combination.


  • Dikshant

    Create a driver and cost center list and SYS: Driver details module and you can store the mapping as a line item in the Driver module. Line Item has to be list format (cost center). Map it manually or load it via CSV file. Let me know if there is any complexity or scenario we are missing here?

  • Monpero

    @Dikshant thanks for the response I appreciate it, the complexity is that

    • All the Driver List items needs to be mapped to all the Cost Centre
    • Some Driver List items needs to be mapped to some of the Cost Centres excluding the other Cost Centres.

    How can this be possible achieved?

  • @Monpero

    I agree with @Dikshant in you will need to create a Drivers list, but I would create a module that has the driver list by the cost centers as this will allow the Divers to "apply" to multiple cost centers, like Street Manager Noticing System and Management Training. Typically, I try to use a boolean, but you can also use a list formatted line item, either the driver or cost center.

  • Monpero

    Thanks @rob_marshall for the input.

  • Monpero

    From my understanding is to have a matrix of SYS: Module dimensioned by Cost Centre List and Driver List then a lineitem (Boolean Formated) to capture the valid combinations.

    And another line item (List Formated: either Driver List of Cost centre List) use a formula like IF line item (Boolean Formated)= TRUE then ITEM(Driver List) on the line item (List Formated)

    Do I import the list formated into a New Module dimensioned by CC or Driver on a line item (List Formated) base on the import list. To then be able to do [SUM:] using that list?.


  • Dikshant

    I missed the many mapping part, so yes, as Rob mentioned, if you want to map one driver item to multiple cost centers, create a cross-section module and use a Boolean line item.

    If you want to use it as a dependent dropdown in input module, create a combination list and add property of for driver and cost centers and create as many combination you want. This is when you have many to many mapping.

  • Monpero

    Thanks @rob_marshall and @Dikshant this was really helpful.

    If there can be any possible example mock up this will be really helpful.

    If there could be an write up in future on the best practice to achieve boolean mapping with complexities such as this one that would help a lot of model builders. Mapping is one of the challenging bits in Anaplan.