11.3.4 Activity: Add Formulas to Profit & Loss Report Module


Hello everyone, on my activity, the totals for the other expenses are not populated as the same with the should be result in the activity. Here are some screenshots.

This is my model:

This is the should be:

Any solutions to this? Thank you


  • SriNitya

    Check if Forecast ? boolean in SYS09 module. In all the line items the if SYS09 Forecast ? is effecting the output and as the data in Data module is 0 so it in line items data is coimg '0'.
    Check Forecast ? lineitem.

  • Hey @SriNitya, yeah it is already in Boolean format please see attached screenshot. Thanks

  • PujithaB

    Hi @alexistivi
    There are few possibilities here.
    1. Values wont exists in OTH01 module

    2. DATA01 P&L Module doesnot have values.

    3.Dimensionality differences between OTH01, DATA01 and to the REP03 module

    Let me know if any of the possibility exists in this scenario.


  • Hi @PujithaB, thanks for the response. DATA01 P&L Forecast version has no values due to the imported data that has no Forecasted values.

  • PujithaB

    @alexistivi Great to know that you are able to trace back with the points provided.

  • SriNitya

    Check the data in OTH01 Non Employee Expenses Module