Dynamic naming line action matching names in Actions



Quick question. I've implemented Dynamic renaming line items similar to this. The question I have is that I use both modules where I dynamically rename line items (Source and Target) in an action to copy calculated information into a snapshot (e.g.: REP9 into REP09b). Would I need to remap line items in the action every time or the system will automatically match those items as they have the same naming?

An examples: This year I have FY25, FY26, FY27 in both reports. Next year we roll over and dynamic renaming will update those line items to be FY26, FY27, FY28 in both modules.

Thank you.

Best Answer

  • KirillKuznetsov


    No, you won't need to remap this. The import is mapped by code, this means that the names will be changed for all line items mapped by code. Basically, it is the same process as in regular lists.