Using SUM to map data from a parent to a child in the same hierarchy


Is it possible to map data at say level 3 in a hierarchy to a level 5 item using SUM function?

I keep receiving a 'Level mismatch on common dimension' error so I assume this is not!!




  • Hey @ChrisAHeathcote

    Do you have an example? If I am understanding you correctly, the answer is no because the inside of the "SUM" logic has to equate to a list in the Applies To. But, you could do the SUM at Level 5, and then change the summary from None to SUM and then reference the Level 5 results from Level 3.

  • Hi @rob_marshall

    This is my source module;

    Here is my mapping module;

    Here is my target module;

    The line items in my mapping are dimensioned by D5 and F2 - the SUM function should work!!

    Here is the formula;

  • Iv run a few tests and the issue seems to be focused on the use of subsets….is this something you have observed before?

  • I changed the applies to of my mapping module to use the same F1 subset as is used in the source….the mapping so flowing through as expected.

    Does this occur because Anaplan recognises subsets as extra lists and therefore the mapping was wrong?

  • @ChrisAHeathcote

    I wouldn't think so. Even though the subset is a "different" list, it should still be recognized

  • That was my thinking too so Im not sure why it didnt like it….

  • andrewtye

    Ah - you're putting L3 data into L5 so don't you need a module that's at L5 and with property of L3 and do a lookup? Rather than a SUM?

    And potentially also need to have mappings for the subsets.