Error when importing a concatenated numbered list


Hi Guys,

Please what might be the issue with this import error, I'm at my wits end in trying to solve this issue.

I have created a concatenated unique code from these five fields on this module

When I import the Driver Tree Combination into a Numbered List due to the characters is long

It throws these error and does not update all the concatenated unique Identifier list

What is a workaround on this import to make it import everything.

Your response will be healpful thank you.

Best Answer


  • @Monpero

    Look at the code, how many characters are in the code?

  • Monpero

    Hi @rob_marshall they are more than 60 characters. But the list is a "numbered list" which would not matter the number of characters in the code.

  • Monpero
    edited April 30

    Okay, @rob_marshall I thought having > 60 character applies to both the list name and not the code. Thanks for the response.