Did you know? Line item references across dimensions


Author: Noah Jackson is a Certified Master Anaplanner and Principal Data and Insights Architect at Anaplan.

Hello Anaplan Community!

I'm excited to bring you the first video in Community's 'Did You Know?' series! This new series will dive into aspects of Anaplan that are often misunderstood or users have requested more information about.

Today I'm going to cover an intro to writing formulas across differing sets of dimensions in Anaplan. I will be describing the default behavior when no functions like SUM or LOOKUP are used, along with explanations of common sources of confusion. I go through the material quickly to cover all the situations by which dimensions could change, but understanding these will set you up for success when progressing to more complex dimensional transformation.

I hope you find this video helpful, and would love to see any comments on what people found interesting! Keep an eye out for further videos in this series!

Further learning on dimensional transformations:


  • Great video Noah! This is a great resource to answer some of the most common questions for new builders.

    One other tip I would throw out - in Situation 4 where the source has a dimension and the target does not, be sure to watch the summary methods (if not using subsidiary view). For example, when replicating a value over time/quarter you would not want to full year totals to represent a sum. Another summary method such as closing balance may be more representative.

  • Monpero

    Thank you @NoahJ this was refreshing.