Numbered Lists (With a parent)



I have created a numbered list (# Customer Number) successfully (with no parent, code as customer code, and name as customer code name).

I'm trying to now create a numbered list as a child of customer number called '# Customer Name'. I bought in the below on the import:

Parent Name Code

  • Parent > the same code as noted in # Customer Number
  • Name
  • Code

When I do the import, nothing comes through. Could somebody give any advice? After this, I then want to add another numbered child list underneath # Customer Name called '# Site', where sites that provide to customers are noted below with the import data as follows:

Parent Name Code

  • Parent > the same code as noted in # Customer Name
  • Name > Site Name
  • Code > Unique site code



  • @joshkhanzadeh

    In the numbered list create a display name in property and assign the display name in Display Name Property in the general list.

    While you're importing map the parent as parent code and code as code of item and map the item name into display name to populate.

    Follow the steps and try it, if you're still facing issue let me know with the screenshot please.

    Thanks, Hope that helps.

  • TristanS

    @joshkhanzadeh Curious, is the code you have for #Customer Number and the code you are using for #Customer Name the same? If yes, that's what may be causing the import to fail. From recollection, when doing an import Anaplan would complain if the code you are using matches the code of any parent in the hierarchy. If you try to do the update manually, Anaplan would allow it but not as part of the import from recollection.

  • Dikshant

    @joshkhanzadeh - Add a prefix to the code. For example: C-C001 rolls up to C0001, where C- denotes that's it's a member of the child list.