Recording now available! April 30 quarterly customer platform release event


If you missed our April 30 platform release event, the recording is now available!

In this webinar, we highlight the most recent feature releases and how to take advantage of these in your environment. Our Operational Excellence Group (OEG) goes through a demonstration of the most recent platform features, provides a technical deep-dive and “how-to”, followed by a question and answer session with the audience.

During this session, our experts covered:

  • Workflow enhancements
  • Management reporting updates
  • User experiences

Resources shared during the event

Helpful links shared during the presentation:


We encourage you to watch the recording — tons of questions were answered live! Here are a few that were answered in the chat:

Q: Can you pass any parameters, arguments, or values with the navigation? Such as routing to another page but filter on a business unit?
A: For conditional navigation, the list property driver can be in any data format with any formula/logic required. Conditional navigation is intended to route users to different destination pages rather than the same dashboard with different filters applied. There are other methods that can be used to establish page filters based on list context, user context, etc. For example, custom filters can be set up for each page context selector.

Q: For conditional navigation, does it have to be formatted as the list itself or could multiple lists use a navigation list as the format? E.G. a team list that determines navigation pages.
A: For conditional navigation, the list property does not need to be formatted as the list itself. Any data format can be used. For example, a team list or other list attribute could certainly be used to drive the conditional navigation.

Q: Can you remind us who has access to Workflow?
A: Workflow is available for all customers with the entitlement.

Q: Does the system easily link the user login to this list? And its subset? As is, can it auto detect my login and connect it to the user dimension? That was something the fake user list couldn’t do.
A: Yes.

Q: Can we create a new user from UX? Like creation of new item in list?
A: While there is not a specific "Insert User" capability, there may be ways to accomplish something similar. Check out this link: [Start Here] User Access Management - Part 1: Get Started.

Q: How does the view of users with limited access and WSA/full access vary?
A: We would need a bit more detail to clarify, but I'll try my best to answer for some different scenarios! (1) What an end user can see (in terms of which pages, which data elements, etc) will be based on their model role ( ). (2) There is a setting with the module blueprint which allows you to determine whether or not end users can see the full list of Users or whether it is limited to WSAs only: .

Q: Re: cascaded slides… How do you create the master? Can we show that?
A: The master is created like any other slide. Stephen demoed live how you add linked slides to an existing slide. Here is some detail on Anapedia as well:

Q: How do cascaded slides look when exported to PDF?
A: They look just like a non-cascaded slide, i.e. you will see all cascaded slides in their own slide.

Q: Will the master slide need to be excluded every time the report is exported as PDF?
A: There is also a new capability to “hide slide”, so you can hide the master slide, which will exclude it from the end user view as well as the exported PDF. No need to manually adjust the export settings every time.

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