Order list action not working.

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For example, Module A has SKU list and line item POS which has certain data in it. Need to reorder the SKU list with respect to POS line item data in descending order (Highest to lowest). Used Order list action to sort the SKU list. The hierarchy of list goes by Organization > Model > SKU.

Order list action.

Module A before running the action.

Module A after running the action.

The SKU list sorts itself with respect to it's immediate parent (Model) rather than parent's parent (Organization). Need to sort the SKU list with respect to its parent's parent (Organization). Need SKU 7 (POS-74) at the top then SKU 8 (POS-73) and so on. Is it possible to achieve that kind of sorting?


  • @Sreeraksh

    The sorting is working as designed, it is sorting the SKU's in descending order. In order to achieve what you want, I believe you will need a couple of sorts, one at the Model level and then this one at the SKU level.

  • Hi @Sreeraksh - Curious to know about the end requirements. Below is what I can suggest to solve your doubt.

    1. In the Module A, do reselect items to show to show only Level 2 members and after this, save this view.
    2. Create a dummy list and using the saved view created in Module A, populate the dummy list.
    3. Using dummy list create a module and try to create a sort action from this newly module.

    This is a time consuming approach but I can think of this only at this moment.

    Let me know in case of any help.