Adding a list (as a page) into a pre-existing module



In one of our modules, are current pivot set up is:

  • Pages: Version
  • Rows: Line Items

However, we need to add a list '# Customer' into Pages, to get the below pivot view:

  • Pages: Version, #Customer
  • Rows: Line Items

Is this possible without creating an orphan/ duplicate module? TIA.



  • sobaid

    Simply add a list #Customer, into the module and keep the pivot the same as version in the page.

    Step1: you need to go to blue print of the module and under the 'applies to' look for the list #Customer if already exist or create one as per your need, press CTRL or Shift to hold the existing lists or dimensions and select the #Customer list.

  • Ah thats great, thanks Sobaid :)