Anaplan Integration with Azure Blob


I have integrated Anaplan Cloudworks with Azure blob to automate daily export files, I have scheduled my exports. I want to add date to my daily export files, like if today the export runs it adds a date to the file name, and tomorrow it adds the respective date and so on, so I can distinguish between each looking at the dates. Is there a way to do it? Should it be done in Anaplan or in Azure?


  • pyrypeura

    This can't be done in Anpalan. You could think of using for example azure function for renaming of the file daily

  • @pyrypeura Thank you for answering

  • We are in the process of testing the integration to Azure as well. It worked for me to add the date to the file name by creating/scheduling a process in Anaplan Cloudworks and unticking "Overwrite file" (tickbox on the right). A new file is created each time.

  • @Darya_Ramanava Thanks so much