Adding a parent hierarchy to the existing lists


I have a hierarchy of brands which was set up a year ago. Now I want to add a parent to L1 (i.e. L0.5) as a parent of all, which should separate all brands into Private Label and Owned. Because now when I build pages and I want to see only the owned brands altogether I can't do that as in the module the brands are listed all together. My current list looks like:
L1 Brand
L2 Sub Brand
L3 Category
L4 Sub Category
L5 Style
L6 Items (All SKUs)

Is there a way to do it, or is a complete rework for all lists/modules.
PS: The model is a bit complex with 200+ Lists and modules.

For ref the L1 Brand list looks like this, the last column states the brand label, but now I want it into my hierarchy.


  • Kanishq17

    Hey You can use subsets to split it into private/owned

  • Dikshant

    Give it in the form of a filter, like they select Private Label from that filter, and brand with Owned/Private = Private Label gets filtered. Let us know what exactly you're looking for so that we can propose ideas. But using subset or user specific filter should do a job.

  • I added subset for owned and private label brands. but now when I create a module and add the formulas, it won't show any data, as my earlier module has the same formulas which i replicated into this new one with only owned brands.
    But I have created subset in L1, will be affect to all the child hierarchies till L6? because I guess it should get along with all the lists till L6. or should I be creating subsets for all levels? if that's so then for the L6 which has 1000s of SKUs that becomes worrying.

  • @Dikshant Each brand is further listed at item level in L6

  • Kanishq17

    HI @atithipawar25 , alternatively you can build a top list P0 with Private and owned items and then based on property of P1 brand , use an import to load to the items , you can create view based on private/owned property