Conditional navigation - April 30 Platform Release



I am struggling to understand in the Aprili 30 Platform release how Annika built her page with the contents to the side where she clicked on a contents item and the picture changed. I undertand how the conditional navigation works but not the initial setup with the table of contents. Could anyone help out how she did that, its very cool! It is at the 4:49 point in time in the video.



  • Hi, @kristenr .

    You may refer to below steps. I just tested and worked.

    1. For the table of contents, create a list.
      1. In the list, create a list property which will be used for the action card later in a dashboard where you place the conditional navigation.
    2. Create a module where the list you created is your Applies To
      1. To mimic the table of contents presented during Partner Boost, just put the list in row format especially during dashboard creation.
    3. Add a line item in the module that will hold the URLs of images (just like in the Partner Boost) per list item .
      1. Convert the format of the line item to Text, then URL.
    4. Create an NUX app, then create a Page.
    5. Add three (3) Cards:
      1. 1 Grid Card for the module where the list and URLs are there.
        1. In the Grid Card, you just need to stretch the list items so that URLs will be hidden in plain sight (or just hide the URL column).
      2. 1 Image Card to reflect the image upon selection of list item through the Grid Card.
        1. Set the Image Source as Line Item, and choose the URL line item.
      3. 1 Action Card to place the conditional formatting.
        1. Upon editing the Action Card, navigate through the Action tab, select Navigation Link from the dropdown options. A popup window appears.
          1. Set the list you created and the list property.
    6. OPTIONAL : if you want just to have different Pages for every list item just to test (or if you have already dashboards you want to connect).

    Hope this helps.