Cell history not being captured correctly

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Hi All,

I have come across a weird scenario where cell history of a Boolean formatted line item is not
getting captured properly. For e.g. : In the attached snippet of a cell history of a module below are updates

1 - Data got updated after a bulk import to TRUE (History ID - 3994882)

2 - In the next update (ID -3996409 ) it can be deduced that user has manually made updates to the cell but the Previous value is False & New Value is False as well.

Things to note here :

a- User won't be able to manually update the line item's cell as the line item is only available at the backend & is DCA driven. Also, during bulk import (not via file but from another line item) they are able to update due to Unlock-lock actions in the process else not.

B - Previous Values should have been TRUE as no cell history before that suggests that it became false

 So has anyone come across anything like this? Or if anyone has any suggestion on how to
troubleshoot this issue & get to the root cause on how did the user made update on history ID -3996409 plus why is the Previous Value & New Value both are False, when the previous update is TRUE

 Thanks for help in advance !



  • @abhi4246

    To debug this, I would remove the DCA from the line item and then rerun the process. Or a quick trick is to create another boolean line item that references the line item with DCA on it, thus giving you the "true" value of it.

  • Dikshant

    For point B: I tried to reproduce it and here is what I found out. If I manually uncheck and then check the Boolean, 2 history got created, one for making FALSE to TRUE, and other one which makes TRUE to FALSE again. But when I copied the Boolean from a csv file, copy false from csv to the cell, that time, history shows previous and new value both as FALSE, which is correct. Give it a try. Also try to load the false boolean from a CSV file, i guess that time too it shows previous and new value as FALSE.

  • abhi4246
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    @Dikshant Thanks for looking into it !

    I get it what you're trying to say using the copy of False on the line item but it would have been only possible if the Previous value was FALSE, if Previous value was TRUE (like in our case as per history) the history should have captured TRUE to FALSE. But the thing here is, the boolean formatted line item that we are talking about in our scenario is only updated via an import process where source for it is another line item & as mentioned earlier is only available at the backend. So the copy of false boolean or file load by end user is not possible plus file load would make history description as Bulk data change which is not in our case , hence trying to figure out what could be the reason for this behavior.

  • abhi4246
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    @rob_marshall Apologies but i didn't quite follow here. How does removing the DCA & re-running the process, recreate or explain the issue regarding History ID - 3996409.?

  • just to what the true values are behind the line item with DCA on it. With being “hidden”, the value might not have been what you thought it was

  • abhi4246

    @rob_marshall Tried the two approach. below are the results :

    1 - Created another line item & referenced the previous line item(which has DCA). As its a reference, the current values that i have in the original line item are being reflected in the new one.

    Even tried referencing the original one in the new line item after removing DCA.

    2- Removed DCA from the original line item & re-ran the process, the values were correctly updated as expected. History was properly updated for the line item.

    So, based on the above two approach i couldn't figure out the history ID (3996409) behavior (the original ask) on how could that have happened.

  • i can’t answer that if it is working as expected.