Anaplan New Workflow decision task

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Hello all

I have a question regarding the New Anaplan workflow . In the online course provided by Anaplan it says when a Decision Task is created and assigned for example to a user , when workflow starts that approver will see 3 option : Approve - Reject and Send back . i decided to create a Decision task but when it is end user's turn to take action for approval, only 2 option is shown which are approve and reject . i dont know why the send Back option is not being shown .i would really appreciate if someone could help me



  • @Mahdiyar - Yes, you are right, it shows three options and I tried replicating the same scenario in my model and I was able to see all the three options. Below is the screenshot of the same.

    Did you tried creating a new separate task and was that also giving you two options instead of three?

  • Mahdiyar

    @PulkitChawla Hi . i made one page task as submission and one decision task for approval . as you can see in the picture below i have only 2 option available and send back is not here i dont know why

  • @Mahdiyar - let me try to figure out this by creating some more tasks with different config and check how many options I am able to see.