Importing incorrect data into "Actual" version


I've built an import and mapping logic to bring my actual data into my Anaplan model and everything is correct on the line item "Actual Expenses" as shown below.

However, when I run an import action to move this data from the "Actual Expenses" line item (where it is calculated) to the Actual version of the "Plan Expenses" line item to be placed next to planning data using switchover, the data changes. The action is somehow combining values with other numbered list items and loading the sum of those values into one cell.

The list you see above is a numbered list and there are items in the list with duplicate names, but obvious not duplicate codes.

By manually searching for the difference between "Actual Expenses" values and my "Plan Expenses" values within my data, I've been able to identify that the value from the "Woflow Inc" list item below is being summed with the "Verizon" value during the import action but I can't figure out why. Hoping someone else has some ideas or perhaps a more eloquent way to implement the loading of actual values for use with switchover. Thank you!

Actual Expenses (correct value) for Jan 24 = $92

Plan Expenses (incorrect value) for Jan 24 = $3115

DELTA = $3023 (see value below that explains the delta

Below are screenshots of the import action that is not working correctly.


  • KirillKuznetsov
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    Try to remove all intermediate levels except the lowest in your Expense vendor dept l3 list in the saved view. And run the import with the updated view.