export Anaplan data decimals precision to PowerBI

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Hi Anaplan Community,

I am trying to export data from Anaplan into Power BI using the Anaplan Connector.

I manage to get my values into PBI, however, I miss the decimals precision which I see in Anaplan.

Example: in Anaplan my number format is set to show 3 decimal places, so 594.450 (US notation), five hundred ninety four (and almost a half)

When I ingest this into PBI and I specify the Data Type to be a Decimal Number, it will only give me 594 (so I loose my decimals).

What am I doing wrong?

I already changed my PBI options, regional settings to English (United States), but that did not resolve the issue.

Do I need to select the checkbox next to "Use digits setting for unformatted exports" in my export action?

Any help is appreciated.


  • Dikshant

    Not sure but do you have an option to set decimal points in PBI? If Anaplan export is generating decimals with 3 decimal points, then it must be a PBI configuration to ingest 3 decimal point and not round off the number. If Anaplan export itself is not giving 3 decimal points, then we can talk / think of what could have gone wrong and try the option that you mentioned.