Workflow Notifications



I'm currently building out a workflow template using the new workflow feature. However, when I kickoff the workflow I receive about 10-15 emails.

Is there a way to control the notifications that are sent to the end users?



  • HimanshuRaj

    Hi @Scott Hildebrand , I think Notifications in workflow are sent based on how many list items a user is assigned to.

    To limit the notifications, I'd say. Setup the user access to list items at higher level

    So, if L1List has 5 items and L2 List has 15 items under each item in L1 List and you are setting up the access by L2 List. You can set the access up at L1 List to restrict the notifications

    I hope you get the idea of how you can limit the notifications. The less assigns the less notifications


  • Scott Hildebrand
    edited May 8

    Hi @HimanshuRaj,

    Thanks for the response! Unfortunately, I cannot set up access based on a different hierarchy level, as the individuals assigned to each task sit at the lowest level in the hierarchy.

    Are there any other ways of controlling notifications sent to end users?