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We are trying to access Anaplan Module level data using Python. I just wanted to access Anaplan data (Module Level Data) in real time by using Python or Java without getting data from Anaplan with flat file. Also wanted to establish Connectivity between python & Anaplan in the real time. So we can get updated data all the time.
Is there any way to do that?

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  • JFAnaplanner
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    Hi Ashutosh,

    You can connect to your model/workspace via an API using python.

    You should be able to use the Transaction / Bulk API to get data out of the system, the problem that you are likely going to face is that maintaining a "real-time" connection. You will have to know when data is changed in the particular module that you are looking to keep track of, perhaps you will be able to find something in the Audit API that will allow you to query and find updates to the data of the particular module that you are tracking. Unfortunately I'm not aware that the Audit API can do this nor do I think Anaplan provides programmatic notifications via options like webhooks to notify of changes to data.

    You will have to rely on a short polling method of sending a scheduled request to Anaplan every 10 mins or so to check if either the view has updated or if the Audit API doesn't provide a way for you to know when updates have been done then you will need to re-download a copy of the data. Obviously the short polling method is going to cause your systems to be under quite a lot of stress depending on the amount of data that you are extracting each time!

    A couple suggestions:

    Depending on your use case if might make more sense to investigate bringing the data in from other systems to Anaplan, and have users interact with it in the platform - rather than the other way around if "real-time" data is an essential requirement - this is really what the platform has been designed to do.

    Otherwise having a once per day update or something that the user triggers on an as and when basis to signal that they need an update brought out of Anaplan which your integration checks periodically (checking a single line item every 10 mins for change rather than re-exporting data every 10 mins is obviously more performant), is likely something that you will need to investigate.

    There is a good thread, discussing the same issues here:

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  • dakotox

    @geometry lite Investigate the Anaplan Audit API. While it might not provide real-time updates, it could help identify changes made to specific modules.
    You could then trigger a data export or update your system based on the audit log.