How to lock a specific version?


I am looking for a way to lock a specific version so that numbers do not move for that specific version. I have used a version list in my modules instead of Anaplan's native version functionality. For example, I have three items in my versions list used in all modules- actual, budget and forecast and want to lock down the numbers for the budget version. Is there a way to do that?

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  • Arnab116
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    Hi @Farah9 ,

    You can create a access driver module and use it as DCA in the target module write access where the version custom list is being used.

    Step 1: Create a module dimensioned by the custom version list , create 2 boolean line items lock? and write?.

    Step 2: Lock will be your input line item for user from where the user can select the version to lock and the other line item formula would have formula NOT lock?

    Step 3: Now in target module where you want o lock the version use the write? line item in the write access of the line item.

    Let me know if you have any doubts.



  • Hi Farah,

    There are a couple options at your disposal. Option 1, apply selective access to the version list and grant users write access to Actuals/Forecast and read access to Budget. Option 2, apply dynamic cell access by creating an access driver module (Boolean line items where you select versions for read and write access) and then apply those drivers to each module that leverages version as a dimension.

    My personal preference tends to skew towards option 1 but the design decision will be dictated by your desired administrative flow. Contemplate how frequently you may need to change the read/write access or if there instances where some users should have access to a version while others do not.

    Hope this helps! Happy model building!

  • Farah9

    thank you both. will try these solutions and update