Default selection in a dropdown



We currently have a line item (called driver), which is formatted as one of our lists. When a user goes into a UX, they currently have 15 options to choose from, however we want a specific one to come up as default. Is there a way of doing this?




  • @joshkhanzadeh - What you can do is create a Lookup Module which will have that driver line item which will be formatted as list type. You can define the default member in the lookup module and can simply publish that line item on the NUX Page.

  • hi @PulkitChawla - sorry to bite it into basics, but what are the steps for this post creating a new lookup module?

    apologies, appreciate the help


  • @joshkhanzadeh

    Step1: I have created driver line item in Lookup Module which has Channel list as dimension and by default I have choose the Channel as Cricket. Below is the screenshot.

    Step 2: Go to NUX App and add a field card from the right.

    Step 3: Select the driver line item from the lookup module. Screenshot below:

    By default, cricket will be coming as a selection.

    Let me know if you need any more details.

  • That's great, thanks so much @PulkitChawla !

  • @PulkitChawla is there any way of having this as a default, but then still being able to select a different line item if wanted?

  • @joshkhanzadeh - So you mean 2 selectors one as default and then second which will be changing always?

  • So if you select the dropdown, it defaults with option A, but then if you click on the dropdown, you still have 14 other selections to choose from

  • Not able to follow what you want to achieve. But what I can understand from your msg is you want only one member to be default and it should not be changed?.

  • @joshkhanzadeh

    You can make a separate module/line item which will store the default value for you and an import action which will load the default value each time the action run. This action can be added to some process you want this to be connected to. Put it at the end of the process and you will have your default value always after the process run. Or it can be a separate process called "reset to default" (this can be achieved by a special UX action called Data Write