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Our model currently has the heirarchy sites > region > are, which is fed through our modules. One of our modules (visible through our UX's) give us price by site, where we can filter by region, but this narrows down the data of sites to the region selected. We want to be able to select 'Region = NORTH', and the number for the given line item is given on a full region level; how would we go about this? The module in question uses the list #PC.A (as a subset for the sites); within #PC there is a Region property which denotes each site at their region level.

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  • Jeremy Carpenter
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    Hi Josh,

    We probably need to answer a few questions before options can be presented:

    1. How many sites are in each region, and how many line items are being displayed for each? If it is only a few sites and the one line item (Price), would it make sense to just include the summary level in the default view either in the same grid or in another card containing only the region level selected? To do this, you could create a field card or turn on the "Hierarchy Filter" for the #PC Context in the grid card. This is probably a preferred method for it's simplicity, but if the view doesn't allow for this, then we move on to question # 2.
    2. How many users are using this board? It seems like there would be multiple users, in which case we likely need to be looking at creating user filters. Is there a system module that exists for the region details (likely named similar to SYSXX Region Details)? In this module, you can create field for "Region Only?" and give all regions a value of TRUE by simply typing TRUE in the formula field. This will be useful when creating a level filter for the user that can be added to the UX for the user to select. The micro lesson below provides some details on setting up user filters. I suspect you want the user to select Region only = TRUE/FALSE and then drive your filtering off of that. An added bonus of this approach is that you could potentially reuse it across views if this is a common requirement.

    This micro lesson below goes over the process of setting up User Filters:

  • joshkhanzadeh
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    Hi @Jeremy Carpenter

    There are quite a few sites, and a lot of users, so i think the second option seems viable. I'll have a look at the lesson now, but (from understanding), if i set up the new module with region only (for each region), would this enable us to then selection the region and get a summary for all under the value of TRUE? We currently already have UX dropdown user 'filters' showing region, but this doesn't give full region summaries.

    I just started to create a new list (as a child of domain, and parent of site), where we have regions, in hope that under context selectors we could select the regions which would give a summary, however i've come into a few issues as some other lists have formulas based on the current parent/ child relationship.

  • Hi @joshkhanzadeh,

    After a little more consideration, the Region Only attribute may not necessarily work in this case, but adding a Region level to the hierarchy is helpful and should get you part way there.

    The next step is figuring out how to do the parent mapping in the subset list details module. Something like this would work if users are selecting the region in the page context, but it sounds like the filtering is based on the property of the site subset rather than the hierarchical selection. It's hard to give you concrete advice without a better knowledge of your solution and needs, but one option would be to adjust the approach to use a combination of the context selection and the filter selection.