Excel Add-in for Anaplan



We have been planning to incorporate excel add-in for a finance use case, and would like to take experiences of others using excel add-in. More specifically, we would like to hear and learn how excel add-in is beneficial for your team (does excel add-in facilitated collaboration or improvements in managing Anaplan models?) and any considerations/feedback you would like to share? Thank you!


  • DominikS

    Hi, we have tried using the add-in in our project, but after some testing we decided against it.

    There were some issues when uploading the data to Anaplan from Excel. (Reflecting the changes that users made in Excel back to Anaplan.) The Anaplan team tried helping us solving the issues, but we weren't able to reproduce most of them, so in the end noone was able to find the real cause and provide a solution. There may have been something on the user side interfering with the add-in, or the add-in just simply had a bad day, I don't know. Anyway, it didn't seem reliable enough for us, so we gave up.