How to check if the text in the line item exists in a list?


Hi Guys!

I'm trying to build a formula where I basically need to check if two conditions are true. One of these conditions is to check if a certain text from a line item exists in a separate list that I created.

Bringing it to a language that I know more (I'm new to anaplan) I would like something similar to

IF LineItem IN [Example 1, Example 2, Example 3] THEN

"ok" ELSE


[Example 1, Example 2, Example 3] is my list.



  • andrewtye

    What I'd do is:

    1. create a line-item subset of the line item

    2. have a module which is line item subset and the list.

    3. use the find function, converting the line item subset to text and search in the list. This returns a number. Can then convert to a Boolean by having it >=1

    Hope that helps

  • Sorry, could you give an example?