When I make a copy of model, what does not get saved?


What are the pieces of information that does not get copied to new model when copying a model by using the "Manage Models" screen and how does it compare with copying the model by revision tag

When model is copied by revision tag, production data is not copied.

When model is copied by "Manage Models", I think history and revision tags are not copied, however the production data does get copied.


  • Dikshant

    What i remember,

    If you create model from revision, it will loose all source model mapping. But if you create model by Copy, it will retain source model mapping.

    Old revision tags will not be retained if you copy the model/ create via revision tag.

    Model history won't be available if you create model via revision tag. Only one revision tag will be there - Revision Added Automatically, in history as well.

    If you create a model by revision tag, production data is not copied. you need to populate all production list's manually or via actions/ integration.

    There will be no pages linked to the copied model/ model created by revision (obvious 😉)