When exporting to other systems, is it better from Spoke or from Data Hub


I feel I get conflicting answers when I try to research this question.

In the Anaplan Model Builder training, they say export from the Data Hub to other models. Likely because model to model import is less time, and this will make the spoke have less downtime.

However, in forums, I see people saying either one is okay. If you dont need any data in data hub, it is okay to export from spoke. No need to duplicate data in Data Hub and Spoke.

What is the official " If this is on an exam, this is the "right answer" " Anaplan answer for this?


  • Dikshant

    Its always a hybrid approach always, model-to-model imports runs faster, and the purpose of data hub is to centralize everything, Also, while exporting data out from Anaplan, export action blocks the model, impacts the user experience. so depending upon the frequency your data changes along with data volume, and how frequent you want to push the data to downstream, take a call weather to send it directly or via data Hubs. If data volume is not too huge, and frequency is hourly or daily, you can think of loading it via data Hubs. These factors will help you take a better call.