Technicalities if someone is in an Anaplan COE or Not


1)If an Anaplan COE is federated for governance and federated for model building,

is there technically anyone in the Anaplan COE?

2) Do federated model builders count as being part of the Anaplan COE?


  • Dikshant

    Not understood fully, but Anaplan COE has a mix of people, from scrum masters, to product owners, to Model builders & Master Anaplanners/Solution Architect.

  • The definition of a CoE will flex based on your companies needs and the way that you align around the work. In a federate model it might look more like a community of practice (CoP rather than a center of excellence (CoE) - all builders are part of the CoP. The objectives are to learn, grow, and create meaningful networks that help your teams to capitalize on shared knowledge. There may be less focus on centralized governance and the CoE leader takes on more of an advisory function.