Selective Access


Hello all,

I'm encountering an issue where selective access filters don't seem to be applied to a list (numbered) when it's being used as a column (select list) in my Anaplan model. The selective access filter is configured correctly on the parent object, but it doesn't seem to be filtering the values in the column list itself.

The parent list in question is also the parent for four other lists in my model. Could this be the reason why the selective access filter is not being applied to the column list?

I was under the impression that when a list is used in a column, Anaplan would automatically bypass any selective access filters defined on that list, in order to show all possible values for selection. However, after testing this, the selective access filter on the parent object still doesn't appear to be restricting the values displayed in the column list.

Can anyone clarify if there are special considerations or behaviors around how selective access filters interact with lists used as columns in Anaplan? Am I missing a setting or configuration that would allow the parent filter to properly restrict the values shown in the column list?

Thank you in advance.


  • @Aminech123 could you please share an example of what you mean by a selective access filter?

    It is about the UX or do you have the same problem in the MX too?