A conversation with Philipp Erkinger — Journey | Anaplan Community Podcast


Welcome to episode 14 of Journey, an Anaplan Community podcast. Tune in today to hear Dennis Lemoine, Director of Customer Engagement & Experience, chat with Philipp Erkinger (@PhilippErkinger) — Certified Master Anaplanner, Anaplan Community Boss, and Principal Solution Architect at Bedford Consulting.

Philipp loves to solve the impossible and create solutions that make a difference for people, organizations, and the planet. In his professional career, he has built and led high performing teams to deliver unconventional machines, data savvy digital tools for sales teams, and the digital transformation of business planning processes. In the Anaplan Community, he regularly contributes his expertise in the form of blogs, ideas, and even co-hosted an event on Polaris.

In this episode, you’ll learn about Philipp’s journey in the Anaplan ecosystem, his thoughts on the early days of the platform, building a Center of Excellence, his advice to others just starting out, and more.

“I think in everything we do today, we learn as a Community much better than we do by yourself. And especially when it’s new technology, people don’t often realize the value of — ‘hey let’s go on YouTube, let’s go on Community, let’s go there, let’s learn more. It’s amazing.’” – Philipp Erkinger

Tune in and let us know what people and topics you would like to see in future episodes.

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