How to convert text name in upper case to lower case


I have a list with employee names all in upper case. E.g. DANIEL SMITH

How can I convert these names in Anaplan to Daniel Smith (upper case on the first letter then lower case for the remaining)


  • andrewtye

    Hi @RebeccaL - you'd need to use a combination of Left, Right, etc to get the desired result. There is this very old idea about having Proper() as a function within the platform.

  • RebeccaL

    Thank you, I think the function of Proper would be really helpful in Anaplan. Calculations can be used to get around this when it is a simple case of first and last name. I have some employee names where they have 2 middles name so it gets a bit complicated.

  • Kanishq17

    Hey , you can use lower(name(item)) to convert it to lower case

  • Dikshant
    edited May 18

    @Kanishq17 I guess he needs it to be in initial case, where you capitalize the first letter of every word. At present I don't think so we have any functions like that, we have UPPER, LOWER, LEFT, RIGHT functions to do the transformations.

  • SriNitya

    Daniel Smith - upper case on the first letter then lower case for the remaining we don't have any function for such conversion in Anaplan currently.