How to solve this error "Name cannot be mapped for a numbered list"

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I am trying to load a csv file containing above properties in to a numbered list. and it throws me an error saying name cannot be named, but in the above case i didnt map the Name, I just mapped the properties. Can anyone please help me where am I going wrong?


  • @GAYATHRINETHA - Were you trying to map Asset Class Mapping Staging before this mapping?

    Because in your case, list is numbered and where we cannot map it by name.

    The mapping you have shown in the image is correct, just close this action and edit the import action again and define the same mapping and it will work.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Dikshant


    It happens all the time, and your mapping seems to be correct. I think it's an Anaplan bug, it pops this error when you import into a numbered list.

    To correct it just map anything to Asset class mapping Stage and change item uniquely identified by to Name. Save the action and then edit it and change to combination of properties.