End User unable to run action to update a subset


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Have a super-user who is Full Access as model role but not a Workspace Admin and so therefore should be able to run updates to list subsets. Is there something in the depths of Anapedia that says that this isn't possible? I'm almost sure that we're doing this elsewhere in other models.





  • Hi @andrewtye

    It sounds like something that Anaplan would restrict. I wonder if you can break it up into a couple of steps to get around this restriction. Step 1 is to update a system module with the required subset values. Step 2 would be to initiate a CloudWorks process (that uses the all-powerful integration account) to run the action to update the subset.

    I think I remember reading recently that an action button could be published to UX dashboard to initiate a CloudWorks process that uses the integration account's credentials as opposed to the user's credentials…

    Please do update us with your final solution!


  • @Stacey_Gibbens

    Yes, that can absolutely be done by clicking this magic button

    @andrewtye that seems odd to me, the list isn't the user list is it?

  • @andrewtye - is the user receiving an error message or is this one of those sneaky failures where the UX pages says "Success" but nothing actually updated? One of the "sneaky" things that seems to pop up when running things WSA vs. non is Dynamic Cell Access, may not be applicable here but would recommend double checking the source module for both DCA & selective access.

    We have a number of actions across our models to update subsets based on user initiated processes, no issues reported on our end.

  • andrewtye

    @rob_marshall - no relatively standard numbered list that they can add new items via forms, delete from, etc.

    @Tiffany.Rice - indeed it's that, the thing runs and you think it's been successful but really hasn't. trying the cloudworks approach but that seemed to take an exceptionally long period of time to run vs a standard action button. and no dca, no selective access on that list / module. very odd. and the step 1 / step 2 is exactly what's been built out already

  • @andrewtye - I did a quick test and was able to run an action to update subset on a numbered list via UX page as a non-WSA Full Access model role. The UX page shows success and immediately returns an updated subset based on my module selections (no selective access or DCA).

    There has to be some nuance in your model or there is some type of issue lurking in the background.

  • Stacey_Gibbens
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    Sometimes, systems end up with odd glitches that will resolve if you change something in a big way that causes a reset of whatever you're trying to do.

    If you make a new equivalent action from scratch, does this issue continue? We would expect equivalent actions to deliver equivalent results, but…. I've seen this type of forced change in an object results in the desired state, when just modifying an existing object in a standard way results in continuation of the undesired state. Give it a try. :)

  • TristanS
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    @andrewtye some questions

    1. Is the source module in the same model as target module or different?
    2. Are you using Name (#ID) or Code to identify list item to be updated?

  • @andrewtye

    Can it be that you have ALM enabled but the list is not marked as a Production Data?