Anaplan API to pull metadata at Module Level only


Hi all,

I want to retrieve metadata from a model at the Module Level ONLY. Reason being is I have DataTags identifying which modules are Critical, Medium, or Low and would like to parse through this data.

Currently utilizing this api:
but only lists the model ID and name. I would like to have DataTags shown. Any help will be appreciated. thank you


  • You can create a saved export of the modules which would give you the full inventory including all metadata. That would create a downloadable file.

    Not aware of a way to extract the detailed module metadata without an export action.

  • @pedrohernandezsal

    Tiffany is right. You can use the Save export feature and combine it with the extract you get from API to map Module IDs if you need them.

  • Hey there! Thanks for sharing this insight about the Anaplan API. Pulling metadata at the module level is such a game-changer for streamlining our data processes. It simplifies things and makes it easier to manage our models. Can't wait to try it out! Have you had any success with specific use cases? Would love to hear more examples. Cheers! Dune Buggy Rental