Creating General list from A module's line item


I have a module called Project. It has line item called "Project name".

Project name line item contains only those projects which are approved (used formula to get these)

My question is can we create an general list from the Project name line item, as i have to use this list as format to one of my screen.

One possible solution i could think of is by doing import. any other solution for this ?


  • KirillKuznetsov
    edited May 24


    You are correct, an import is usually used for it.

    Other solutions would be some complex workarounds to avoid any buttons/imports (but I doubt there are many situations where you really have to use workarounds in such cases)

    You can call this Import "Approve selected projects" and then the user would never know that it is just a simple import to a list.

  • @Gpatwa - Yes, you can go with the import action option as it is something easier to go for.

    Key point that needs to be kept in mind is each time you run the import action only the newly members added should be imported into the list and the members which are already present in the list should not be part of your saved view. For this you can do a finditem and wherever finditem is returning blank that filter should be applied on your saved view.

    Let me know if you need any more details.

  • Dikshant

    @Gpatwa You can create a line item called Project exists? and put up formula like:

    ISNOTBLANK(FINDITEM('Project List, Project Name))

    This Boolean filter will make sure that you're only importing projects that does not exists in the Project list to avoid extra processing when you run this action again and again.

    Make sure that you filter as FALSE. Like in the view the Project exists? filter is equal to FALSE.

    If you project modules has 1 project in multiple rows, then use ISFIRSTOCCURRENCE to get unique projects in the saved view.