Multiple models & Comparison in a single Page


Hi there,

Just wondering if we are able to link 2 or more models in a single page?

If multiple models can be linked in one page, can we compare the data from different models and have the comparison in the page?




  • jagadishdash
    edited May 27

    @Kelly123456 we can only publish the data from different module in the same page.

  • Dikshant

    @Kelly123456 You won't be able to compare data, you have to keep changing the models from top. It would be a good user experience if you pull data from multiple models into a single model and then do the comparison. Think about it.

  • @Kelly123456 - Comparison is not possible in this case. The Multiple model feature in Anaplan just enables you to associate multiple models with a single page, so you can switch between different source models and change the data that displays but do not provides comparison in real time.