Excel add-in: breaking the connection's cell range


Hi Anaplan Community,

I have a question regarding the Excel add-in. I was reading about refresh conflicts on this Anapedia page.

If you break a connection's cell range, it may not refresh properly. To include a cell range in a Refresh, keep the cell range together at all times, rather than break or split it. You can insert columns and rows in a worksheet  and you can rename columns and rows in a worksheet, but you must keep the cell range continuous.

Can anyone explain me what is meant by "breaking the connection's cell range'?

I tried myself by adding a blank column and row (see attachment), but the send & refresh still worked. So it must be something different.

I would like to understand before rolling out the functionality to the end users.


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  • shubhamrawat
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    Hi @LouiseBourgonjon

    In my experience, breaking the cell range sometimes causes issue in data refresh especially in case of large datasets. However, please note that data refresh will not bring any column data that has been removed in the excel. For Example, please see below, here May was removed in the Excel locally, so in the future refreshes the data for May will not populate.

    Hope this helps.